Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thrifty Jewelry Finds

After stumbling upon a great Dooney & Bourke bag recently, I've been hitting up some local thrift stores to see what I can find. It's been awhile since I've been thrifting so you can call it like a small resurrection of interest. And like many times before, I'm a sucker for the jewelry counter.

I just love the random arrays of jewelry that are always available. Hey, it's something sparkly to look at, so why not? Within this past week, I've been lucky enough to find some pieces that I'm thoroughly in love with.

I picked up this black and gold necklace at this small thrift store in the Sacramento area. The chain is short so it fits almost like a choker but with a bit more breathing room. I've worn this a few times already and have received so many compliments for it. I really like that the necklace itself is quite simple but there's just a few small aesthetic twists to it that makes it interesting. (Price: $3.99, R Thrift Store)

This now has become one of my favorite necklaces of all. I really am in love with the design of the links in this thing. You might not be able to see but the pointed tips on each link is a pale cream color. It blends into the surrounding gold just perfectly. When worn, it fits like a choker. Who needs the ability to breathe when you have a great statement piece on your neck, right? (Price: $5.99, Goodwill)

I decided to get this gold bracelet because I liked the extra chain accent on it. I saw another bracelet at the Salvation Army in the same day with a similar chain accent but it was priced around $30, so that was a no bueno. This bracelet is much less expensive and I like it even more than the one at SA. Just a simple bracelet to throw on for fun. (Price: $2.99, Goodwill)

When I saw this ring in the display case, I was already jumping for joy. I thought the design was just so pretty and elegant. I tried it on and thought that it's a bit mature for me but that it would be something my mom might like. My mom loved it when I showed her. She was very was pretty silly. Although it's a bit worn, the inscription says "14K Taiwan". When told, all my mom said was "Gold or not, it's so pretty to me." (Price: $8.00, Deseret Industries)

What great jewelry pieces have you found lately?


  1. you found all of that at a thrift store? dang.. thats nice

  2. Wow, you really scored big time! I must hit up my Goodwill to see if I have similar luck. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks all! Yeah, I think the luck with thrift store finds really comes and goes. Good luck hunting, ladies! : )

  4. Gorgeous find. Love thrift shopping so much.

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  5. wow, i need to start thrifting immediately...I love ALL of the jewelry that you selected (especially the fancy gold bracelet).

    Thanks for visitng my blog and commenting (don't forget to come back lol)


    Jin (aka your new blog follower)


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