Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Surprise Find!

As with many lazy weekends, I like to browse around my local farmer's market for produce and other thrifty finds. I'm lucky enough that there is a large auction yard about 1 mile from where I live that carries an abundance of things on the weekends. From stalls upon stalls of fresh fruits and veggies to the knick-knack stands of cheap plastic toys, they've got everything!

After getting some produce, I normal just walk around because it's good exercise and it's just kind of fun to see some random stuff. There are vendors who sells knew things, those who seem to be in the business of selling old/used things, and there's even those who bring their garage sales out to this auction yard.

Today, as I was passing a stall of an older lady, my sister notices a Dooney & Bourke purse hanging on one of her racks of clothes. She mentions that it's a nice purse so I go over to check the item out. The purse turns out to be a real Dooney, which got me really excited because it's hard to find the real stuff in places like these nowadays. I looked at the hardware of the purse to make sure it had the names and symbols of the brand, which is one way to spot a real piece. Also, I always look at the leather itself. Dooney is really know for their old leather purses, and this one is no exception. Since it's been used the leather is a little worn near the bottom of the purse, but because it's real leather, it's holding its shape and feel nicely.

The purse is still in excellent condition, especially in the inside which looks impeccable. I was so excited whenI heard the price.......$8! Now how can you beat that price for a real Dooney & Bourke?! And for me, I'm currently loving the vintage/boho/grandma look that's trending at the moment, which makes this purse perfect. 

I've been interested in more Dooney's in this style for quite some time but have not stumble on any that were the real deal. But with this new great find, It's kind of making me wanting to go thrifting again soon because I have not been in awhile. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Xuan!
    What a great find and welcome to the blogging world :)

  2. omg!! i found a similar bag like the thrift store last year!! our bag is the same brand but its different styled! we are so lucky lol

  3. Shauna - Glad to hear that. And yes, uber lucky!

  4. That is such a steal...your latest follower because I can't wait to see what else you find. Im such a sucker for good thrift finds!


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