Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Nail Color

So, as the Fall season is fast approaching, I'm out to find myself some pretty colors that are appropriate for this season.
I really love the Fall season because the temperature here in northern California is quite nice. Not too cold and not too hot, just quite around perfect.

And keeping in line with the warm color scheme that is known for the autumn season, I was in search for a deep red that was fitting for the season. I settled on "Quarter Of A Cent Cherry" by OPI.

The color turned out great and I really love it. It was exactly what I had in mind, which was a "deep red". None of that bright reds that are more appropriate for spring or summer. 

i used two coats of this red color then one coat of a clear topcoat. I know that many of you might be saying "No base coat?" Well, for me, my nails seems to have lots of oil and the polish does not stay for as long as I'd like. Personally, I just find that when I don't have a base coat, the polish stays a bit longer.

So, if you're out to look for some new polishes for the fall season, this one definitely gets my vote!

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