Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thrifty Jewelry Finds

I am running out of space on my board for necklaces and other jewelry but I can't help myself when I see the sparkly pieces. I swear, it's like moth to a flame. Sad, but hey, at least I'll have pretty things to show you!

This necklace has 3 chains of varying lengths to it and the medallion like pendant. I thought that the pendant was so interesting because it looks like an old man's pocket watch but also had the woman carving, which reminds me of British monarchy for some reason. I don't know if I'll take some of the chains off because I think it might be too much to have this pendant and all the chains in one piece, but we'll see. (Goodwill - $3.99)

I love the red and gold of this necklace because it really stands out. It reminds me of Greek mythology or something to that effect. The detailing on it is awesome and in such great condition. (Goodwill - $.99) ...yeah, can you believe that it was a dollar? crazy.

This gold choker makes me think of 70's cocktail party. No? I don't know what it is that makes me think so, maybe the design? Who really knows but I can't wait to incorporated into some future outfits! (Deseret Industries - $5.00)

Yes, so this one is a bit different than the previous because it's not a choker!. It's a long think chain with these great bead detailing. It's great because it's actually really simple as a whole but the intricate beads really make it interesting to look at. (Goodwill - $3.99)

Lastly, it's this little bracelet. When I saw it, all I could about was the black and gold choker I found earlier and posted about. I couldn't resist. I did have to remove one of the links and add a jump ring to it because the original was missing the link that gets attached to the clasp. Hey, a little fixing isn't hard at all. (Goodwill - $1.99)

Sorry that this post is so "picture heavy" but I hope you guys enjoyed nonetheless!

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  1. Really love the 3rd necklace!! Such beautiful jewelry!!!


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