Monday, November 7, 2011

On Track

What I'm wearing:
+ Pink dress with white polka dots by Naked Zebra
+ F21 Grey trench coat.....I bought this jacket about a year ago and it's one of my favorite winter pieces of all time. I love the color and cut of this jacket, plus, since it's F21, the price was pretty great too.
+ Shiekh Grey booties........A gift from the bf a few years back when I was going wild trying to find a pair of booties I liked. (haha, "booties")
+ Black tights
+ Grey crochet cowl
+ Grey belt with gold buckle....thrifted
+ Vieta satchel.......I've been looking for a satchel for a few months now and found this little baby on sale at TJ Maxx for around $20. Who can say no, right?
+ F21 double finger ring

The weather here has gotten very cold lately and making things feel more like December/January rather than just the beginning of November. And although I love the cold, I still can't get over my summer dresses. Like this outfit, I just decided to combine the two. Hey, why not? I love that most summer dresses can be brought into the fall/winter by pairing it with leggings or a great jacket. 

Do you remember when you were younger and they used to teach in school that you shouldn't play near train tracks? Well, here's why.....

During the time that I took these pictures, two full trains came by and you can just imagine how I'd be scrambling off those tracks on to rocks......with heels on. But the conductors were nice and enough and waved to us.....which made things okay.


  1. Thanks for following! I love forever 21 too! They have great pieces!

  2. Hey hun...thanks for stopping by! Love the outfit and the locale....!!

    Following you now...follow back if you like!

  3. These pictures are so fun. I love the vibrant pink dress on you. I am on the market to find some train tracks in Boston to take pictures with ;) My hubby thinks I will get run over one day. HAHAHA.

  4. Your satchel is gorgeous girl! I love it! Love the scenery for your photoshoot

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