Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Apple A Day...

What I'm wearing:
+ Loose black tank top
+ F21 short trench coat.....I've been looking for a tan tan trench coat for quite some time now and just loved this one when I saw it in a picture in the store.       It's a lightweight jacket that's so great for layering.
+ Black skinny pants
+ Gray boots with green leg warmers worn over the knees
+ Necklace was thrifted

A few days ago, I went with some of my family to Apple Hill which is a collection of apple orchards here in Northern California. It's pretty much just seeing apples and other fruits every where. I was quite nice to be in these orchards and plus, I've always wanted to go there. My nephew and niece had a great time picking some apples, which was what they wanted to do all along.

And you can't go to Apple Hill without some apple pie!! It was huge and oh so yummy.


  1. Love the outfit, Xuan. The grey boots is to die for. I'm kicking myself for not going to an apple orchard this year. Hope all is well. Miss ya!

  2. This outfit is so chic! I love the grey boots and side braids in your hair, it's so pretty. I wanted to go to an orchard this week and eat some apple cider donut but too bad apple picking season is over where I live. So sad. Stumbled on your blog from Mai's so just browsing around ;)


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