Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simple Holiday Decorations

As the holidays are approaching, I'm getting a bit excited of all the decorations that could be done around the house. I just think that with small additions here and there, it can really change the atmosphere of a space. With these decorations, I just put to use all the things I already had on hand. The glass jars were from my brother's wedding and all the ornaments and pine cones were just things in our Christmas decorations. Just thought the top of the piano was a bit bare next to the x-mas tree, so this was my solution.

I know that the green lights are a bit distracting but I put this together the other night and really liked the look when the lights were low. I'm still considering adding candles to this instead of the lights. To get the different heights, I just used textbooks (nerdy, I know) I had on hand and then draped an unused tree skirt over it.

I'm all for re-purposing what you already have to decorate. Love to see what you guys put together for the holidays.


  1. I love it! My piano is covered with music and music books... Usually I decorate it but I'm feeling a little too lazy this year. Haha. I love the lights! And if you change them out for candles it'll be more work and you may not use them as much. (I personally always plug the lights in but save the candles for only certain nights).

    If Work Permits

  2. Love the festivities. I think I will lay low this year and focus on my last year of studies. No energy left to decorate sadly. Have a great weekend.


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